Frequently Asked Questions

How does it help to tie up for Guest blogging services with Realguestbloggers ?

The trusted guest blogging service offered by Realguesbloggers is a unique way that can help you build credibility and improvise yours ranking in SERP results.

Does this guest posting service work manually?

The guest posting service offered by Realguesbloggers is carried out manually from start to end. Our outreach team directly gets in touch with expert bloggers to execute writing jobs based on your requirements.

Can the sites and the content be reviewed before posting?

Yes, as per your specifications, the content and the sites can be sent for your review and approval before posting.

Would my links be added to Niche sites?

Yes, your links will be placed to to relevant niche sites that are shortlisted based on research conducted by our outreaching team.

Will the links I choose to use in my post stay permanently?

Once the guest post is reviewed and submitted, each link that you pay for will be placed in your article. This placement is permanent to stay within the article.

How many links will I be allowed to use in each post?

For each post you will be permitted to post two link. The first link will be placed in your content that pertains to the keyword chosen and the second link will be placed in the author biography along with the brand anchor.

Can I choose to provide my own content?

We have a specific bloggers requirement that needs to be followed for the content we use. Hence, if your content satisfies the bloggers requirements, the same can very well be posted. The basic requirement for the content is that each post must contain a minimum of 500 words.

Are there any terms for payments?

For the benefit of the associated bloggers and to ensure timely completion of work, we will need the payment escrowed or paid to us from before. However, for the first order, we can have the payments sent to us only after completion.

Can I cancel the order once placed?

You have the flexibility of cancelling an order provided we haven’t started work on it. The cancellation will be considered once followed by an intimation within 24 hours of placing the order.

Is there a way I can get in touch with you support team?

We are always available to solve your queries and improve your work experience with us. Please feel free to drop in your queries at: christina(at)realguestbloggers(dot)com ,and we will be happy to help you.