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Advanced guide to know about the Private Blog Network

This is for the people who want to know about the world of private blog networks.  You will know about the PBN (private blog networks) in details step by step in this article. First you should know about the meaning of the private blog networks.

Meaning of Private Blog Networks:

The Private Blog Network (PBN) is the network of the websites which is used to build the links to the money websites to get the higher ranking in the Google search engine.  A money website is used to actually make the money. The private blog networks can be owned by you or by any individual. The free blog domains have the less power as compared to the self-hosted blogs.

The private blog network is so powerful because in this network, you can control the content and the links within domain.  The content relates to your niche because you can create or change the content in the private blog networks. You can also create or modify the anchor text in private blog networks that links to your website.

The private blog networks are mainly made by using the expired domains because the expired domains can get higher rankings than the new domains in the Google search engine optimization. The expired domains can get the higher ranking in SEO because of the reasons like the Google give the more authority to the old domains as compared to the new domains and the backlink profile are also very important to give the higher ranking to the old domains in SEO. This is the reason the most of the private blog networks are made by using the expired domains.

PBN websites penalized by Google

When the Google used to de-index the sites in PBNs, many SEOs decided that they will not use this technique now. this was a hot topic on the internet and people want to know about these networks and most of them point to the networks which used the low quality content and which were not following the rules which are required to keep a PBN private. Every domain should be hidden in the ideal PBN from the others in that network and the entire network was found and de-indexed   that means the rules were not followed. Many networks got de-indexed because the owners were selling the PBN links to third parties.

Choosing the Reliable hosting:

It is very important to choose a reliable and fast server for your website. The website load speed is the important factor, without any doubt. But you can many options in this category so it is very important to know about the factors needed to choose a reliable hosting. You can choose the following hosting providers because of their features and the reliability in clients:

  • In motion hosting
  • Site ground
  • Host winds
  • Digital Ocean
  • Traffic Planet Hosting

These are the best and top rated hosting websites and these websites are providing the best and reliable hosting facilities. You should consider the following factors while choosing the reliable hosting:

  • Reliable and Fast servers
  • Good shared hosting plan
  • Good Pricing
  • Awesome Support

Importance of back links and anchor text

Anchor texts are the visible and clickable words in websites which are used to link one web page to another page. The anchor texts can be of various types like exact match, partial match, branded, generic and LSI keywords. The anchor text and back links should be chosen very carefully because these are very important factor for the search engine ranking. The websites should not use the artificial ways to create anchor text or the backlinks for own websites. The quality of the back links is more important than the quantity. The websites should use the natural back links.

Content writing in PBN:

The high quality content is very important for the private blog networks. Many private blog networks are de-indexed by Google because of the creepy content. The good content writing is very important to get the good rankings in the Search engine optimizations. The writer should focus on the following factors while writing the content for the PBN:

  • Length and topic of the articles
  • Proper keywords are very important in articles
  • Proper research on the given topic
  • Easy to understandable and readable for readers

These factors can be helpful to write the proper content for the PBN. You can make your own PBN or you can buy the PBN from any third party.

Packages to setup the PBN:

You can select from the four packages according to your requirements and according to budget:

  • Start up
  • Professional
  • Agency

All these packages have the different features and benefits for you. You can choose according to your needs and price range. The startup plans are only for the one PBN website setup and you can get these plans in cheap prices. But if you want the PBN set up as well as high authority domain then you can choose from the higher budget packages.

If you want to set up the private blog network then you can get the large range of the options in which you can get the different packages and features. You should be very careful while setting your PBN. The research is very important factor for the good PBN. The search engine optimization is very important for ant private blog network. The factors like domain, building the website, hosting and maintaining are very important in the private blog networks.

The good content is very important for the success of the network and the articles. The writer should choose the keywords carefully so that they can get the higher rankings in the SEO and which are easy to search for the users. The PBN hosting websites should be able to give the excellent support and high speed. You should get the hosting services from the website which is giving you the high speed and loadings. The maintenance services are very important after the building of websites. The good maintenance services are very important to maintain the website database regularly.

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